Lipps Printing Inc.

Your customers are as important to you as you are to us. For years we have been satisfying our customers with quality printing, backed up by proven job tracking and scheduling proceedures that ensure on-time delivery. From composition through shipment, our entire staff treats your job with the respect you would give it in your own plant.

But for your business to succeed, you also need competitive prices. We carefully evaluate each job and will discuss with you the stock, ink coverage and purpose of the piece.

And we guarantee complete account confidentiality.

Technology is changing the world at a dizzing rate. At Lipps Printing we continually invest in both equipment and personnel training in order to offer you the benefits of these advances.

At the same time, we have old-fashioned notions about customer service. We find that the same computer techchnology that has made so much of the world impersonal has enabled us to forge new partnerships with our customers. Let us show you how we can work with you to enhance your customer service.